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SimOïko and its ecological software solutions

The project:
SimOïko is a digital simulation platform for biodiversity derived from the MetaConnect model. MetaConnect was developed by the Station for Theoretical & Experimental Ecology of the National Center for Scientific research (SETE-CNRS) as a part of the PhD project of Sylvain Moulherat (co-founder of TerrOïko). Recent ecological research findings are integrated into SimOïko through the ongoing cooperation between TerrOïko and SETE−CNRS. This enables TerrOïko to design new software applications and solutions customized for your needs.

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Company presentation

Since 2012 TerrOïko has been a important actor in the field of ecological innovation! We focus on marketing of digital tools, ecological surveys, research programs and trainings.

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MetAqua, extension of SimOïko to freshwater species

The project :
The digital simulation model SimOïko is derived from the research model MetaConnect, developed with a view to analyse meta population dynamics of terrestrial or partially terrestrial species (amphibians). The SimOïko model has though benefited from validation tests carried out for terrestrial species, however the extension of the model to strictly aquatic species still needs to be validated. The MetAqua project is run in collaboration with SETE-CNRS and aims to 1) validate the predictive skills of SimOïko for strictly aquatic species and 2) when appropriate, develop simulation algorithms for these species.

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CIRFE-Cumulative Infrastructure of terrestrial transportation and ecological functional relationships (2015-2017)

The project :
The CIRFE project aims at delivering guidelines on methodology for assessment of the cumulative impacts of terrestrial transportation infrastructures.

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The project :
This project is focused on designing digital management tools for regional urban and ecological planning.


The project:
TerrOïko, acting as a member of CINOV (an organisation of French engineering companies), was commissioned to participate in the research program “MINnD” -Inter-operable Information model for Sustainable Infrastructures. The major issue of this national program is the identification of needs for 3D modeling of transportation infrastructure and the design or improvement of such tools. TerrOïko is participating in Use Case 6 “Infrastructure and environment” which examines the interaction between infrastructure and environment at different stages of a project.

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