Ecological data management by TerrOïko

What does the service consist of?

TerrOïko helps you manage and analyse your green data:

For what utilisations?

The green data management service helps you with the:

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Marked common midwife toad - Marking methods -
Marked common midwife toad - Marking methods -
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  • imgs/visio_data/vie.pngMarked common midwife toad - Marking methods -
  • imgs/visio_data/pitag.jpgCommon midwife toads individually marked with pitag - Marking methods-
  • imgs/visio_data/thermochron.jpg Thermochron microclimate monitoring- micro-habitat characterisation-
  • imgs/visio_data/testudo.jpgTortoise radiotracking- Monitoring methods-
  • imgs/visio_data/PCR.pngSpider gut content analysis by diagnostic PCR- Diet identification-
What technological resources are used?
Creation of field data collection protocols

TerrOïko develops quality controlled data protocols based on the expertise of our ecologists, scientific reports and an extended scientific network. TerrOïkos engineers and scientists excel in different collection methods of field data for biodiversity management: inventories, traps, photos, telemetry, genetics,etc.

Our data center provides you with:

> usable data
> computerized procedures
> relevant method analysis

Database creation

Our data architect analyses your needs and designs your database compatible with any relational database management system: MySQL, PostGre SQL and others.

Database blending

Data which are scattered in different sources (spread sheets, access etc.) can be combined automatically through queries created by the TerrOïkos data architect.

Statistical analysis

Our bio-statisticians carry out data analysis using open source software (R, Structure, Zonation, Maxent, etc). We can also assist you in designing automatic calculation procedures and help with training in statistical analysis. Our teams will identify straightforward and meaningful statistic indicators that will enable you to ensure results accountability and understanding for your stakeholders.

Creation of data portals for visual analysis

Through the design of websites by our software engineer, we can create useful and impressive visual analyses of your data and their indicators.

Your benefits

Reliable results/ Cost effective data acquisition/ Effective sharing and dissemination