SimOïko: Simulation for biodiversity

What is SimOïko?

SimOïko is our simulation platform for population dynamics, dispersal and gene flow, resulting from ten years of research programs.

The SimOïko model integrates behavioural and life cycle patterns for fauna and flora and simulates their virtual lives in digitilised landscapes.

How is it useful?

SimOïko provides a large range of tools for:

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Wetland ecological network identification - landscape planning
Wetland ecological network identification - landscape planning
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  • imgs/visio_simoiko/vence.jpgWetland ecological network identification - landscape planning
  • imgs/visio_simoiko/A16.pngHighway project impacts - Environmental impact assessment
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  • imgs/visio_simoiko/ref_libellules.pngDragonflies population viability analysis
What applications?
The functional diagnostic of ecological networks

SimOïko diagnoses the functionality of ecological networks

Environmental impact assessment

SimOïko is designed for carrying out various assessments related to an EIA, such as “fauna, flora and habitat” and Natura 2000. The platform enables the ecological engineer to discern variation in species conservation and to proceed with a mitigation hierarchy. (Avoidance, Minimisation, Rehabilitation/Restoration and Offset)

Biodiversity project management

SimOïko is a valuable tool for decision making when opting between different biodiversity management scenarios.

Research and scientific modelling

With SimOïko, it is possible to generate individual based models from a wide range of modules. It can be used for various research purposes: conservation biology, landscape ecology, agroecology, evolutionary ecology and others.

SimOïko provides you with data which are:

> Realistic
> Quantitative
> Prospective

What kind of data is furnished by SimOïko?

Different kinds of results according to the simulations:

Required input data

To run SimOïko, you need to:

Your benefits

Streamlining of ecological diagnostics/ Cost-effectiveness/ Online assistance for your projects

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