SimOïko, biodiversity modelling platform

SimOïko offers, for the first time , in the field of ecological engineering , the ability to simulate biodiversity.

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Created in 2012 by a team of two with PhDs in ecology, TerrOïko is specialised in ecological engineering and is focused on the development and use of innovative technologies.

Based on our extensive R&D TerrOïko conceives products and services adapted to the needs of various actors in the field of biodiversity, improving project effectiveness and better controlling costs and scheduling.

Our mission

To provide you with state-of-the art solutions in ecological engineering by transferring technologies from laboratory to market.

Our activities
Standardised products and services

This is TerrOïko's main activity. It consists of designing tools and services for ecological engineers. The first available innovation is SimOïko, our biodiversity modelling platform.


This activity is based on the internal use of our technical solutions.


We provide training for ecological engineers and biodiversity managers in using our solutions and new methods in the field of biodiversity management.

Research institute

We undertake R&D programs for clients and/or collaboration with scientific partners.

Our main strenghts
Specific skills
  • An interdisciplinary team combining ICT and ecological intelligence for biodiversity management
  • Experienced lab to market approach
Reliable expert advice
  • Recognised technical and scientific expertise
  • Comprehensive and reactive project support
  • Customized solutions for your specific needs